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Our Services

  • Super Niche Skills Hring
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • RPO
  • Executive Hiring

We have been witnessing a surge in Technology, Mobile VAS, E-Commerce, and Digital Marketing industries and we at HARSHA were the first to focus on recruitment solutions and HR management for them

It is our intrinsic ability to listen to our client’s specific requirements, and meet their expectations (if not exceed them). We take pride in our strength to:

Understand client needs: Our clientele includes a variety of business models with unique placement needs. However we grasp them in no-time because we are specialists in start-up recruitment. 

Swiftly find matching talent: One look at a profile and a single call with the candidate is enough for us to spontaneously match them and their skills with our client’s specifications. We have our years of experience and tons of expertise to thank for that. 

Focus on quality: Our efforts on recruitment are efficient and effective for two reasons – our vast database of over 50,000 qualified candidates of the Indian digital/tech/start-up industry and our strong internal recruitment processes.